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Lucky’s Pawn Shop is Red Deer’s most trusted Pawn Shop. Established in 2016, we strive to enhance our community and will continue for years to come.

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Motorcycle Pawn

Lucky’s Pawn Shop pays you the most

A Motorcycle Pawn Loan Gets You Money Fast

You need a loan right now, and we’re here to help. Your motorcycle is an asset you can pawn short-term to get the money you need today. Dirt bike, street bike, Harley Davidson, Yamaha – whatever you’ve got, our pawn shop gives you the most value possible on your pawn loan – and fast.

We know you love your motorcycle, so we take great care of it for you until you come back to claim it. Lucky’s Pawn Shop has state-of-the-art indoor storage facilities, so your motorcycle is safe from vandalism, weather conditions and the public. We’ll also keep it extra protected if you bring your covers with you when you come in to pawn.

How Do Motorcycle Pawn Shop Loans Work?

• You must own the motorcycle and it has to be paid off in full in order to be eligible for a pawn. A lien search must be done on the day you come in to pawn your bike for us to give you a loan on it.
• If you don’t know how much your bike is worth; contact us and we’ll be able to give you an estimate within minutes. If we can’t help you, we’re happy to offer alternative solutions.
• You have up to 30 days to claim your motorcycle back or extend your pawn loan for another 30 days by paying the interest and fee’s while we keep it safe in storage.

Lucky’s Pawn Shop is known for great client service:
• If you don’t pick it up by the 30th day or do not extend, we will give you an automatic 7-day grace period.
• We want to be sure you have every opportunity to come back and claim your bike. So we take each customer’s situations case by case. And work with you on repayment terms as needed.

Motorcycles/Atv’s for Pawn

Lucky’s Pawn Shop takes all kinds of motorcycles for loan of various makes and models: newer models, older models, Harleys, custom bikes, touring bikes, dirt bikes, cruisers, sport bikes, street bikes, scooters, off-road bikes and even ATV’s – we love ‘em all!

Contact Lucky’s Pawn Shop today at (403) 986-1777. One of our specialists can tell you within minutes an estimated value of your motorcycle for a loan, and you can leave our shop with the money you need today.